Smoking and vaping are effective ways of inhaling CBD oil as it goes directly into your bloodstream through your lungs. CBD e-liquids contain CBD as the main active ingredient (rather than nicotine in nicotine vape liquids many people use around the world).  Often, CBD e-liquids contain artificial flavourings so they have a specific taste.
Remember that smoking is bad for your health and can expose you to carcinogens. Vaping is much safer than smoking, but it is not completely risk-free.

Sublingual products

Sublingual products include sprays, oils and lozenges that are designed to be absorbed under your tongue.  Through absorption under your tongue, more of the CBD is preserved than when it moves through your digestive system.  This way, you’ll feel the effects faster, usually within 10-15 minutes.
Trippy Panther’s CBD oil here comes in three strengths: 500mg, 1,000mg and 1,500mg.  All you need to do is put three-to-five drops under your tongue.


Edibles can include gummies, truffles, mints and capsules and often don’t taste of weed.  Capsules are swallowed with a glass of water like any other tablet but they do take a long time to be absorbed into the bloodstream. As the CBD needs to pass through your stomach and liver to reach your bloodstream, if you take an edible on a full stomach, it can take longer for you to feel the effects – possibly up to two hours.


Topical creams, lotions and balms can all be applied directly to the skin.  Topical CBD cream works wonders on eczema, rashes and aches and pains.  However, as your skin doesn’t absorb liquid very well (unlike the tissue in your mouth for sublingual products) you’ll need a topical product with a higher quantity of CBD and apply it generously.
Trippy Panther’s CBD body butter (coming soon!) is gentle to your skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple.