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About Us

About Us

Trippy Panther is a humanitarian brand specialising in hemp and CBD products.  Rooted in sustainable, fair-trade, cruelty-free, plant-based and ethical sourcing, we only collaborate with companies we trust and respect.  We believe companies should be accountable for their waste and carbon footprint and so we’ve made sure we can trace our products through their production cycles.  We know the greatest things happen when great people come together and it’s our community that fuels our Trippy Panther love.

At Trippy Panther, we’re not just another CBD company.  We’re disrupting the status quo, going against the grain and embedding education in all that we do.  We incorporate trusted health and wellbeing research into our blog posts, social media infographics and product descriptions, so you can trust in Trippy Panther, too.

Conscious-shopping shouldn’t have to cost the earth and our affordable products are accessible for all.  We’ve curated an incredible selection of hemp and organic cotton clothing lines, CBD-infused creams and oils and Trippy Panther headshop merch – including stickers.

Ever evolving, we’d love to hear from you if you’d love to collaborate with us.  Contact us via our form.