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Sex, CBD and Me: How CBD can Enhance your Sex Life

Sex, CBD and Me: How CBD can Enhance your Sex Life

By Holly Pigache


For people across the world, a healthy sex life can be a little… hard to come by.  Whether you live in a culture that condemns sex outside of heterosexual marriage or in a society that shames openness and honesty about sex, discussing your unfulfilling sex life can be tricky.


If you read the above feeling pleased with yourself that your sex life is fabulous, that’s great.  Yet no matter how exceptionally fantastic you feel your sex life is, at some point you’re bound to have felt distracted and struggled to stay in the moment.  Maybe you were worried about a deadline, perhaps that thing your friend said to you was playing on your mind, maybe you were anxious about how your thighs/legs/bum looked from that angle.  This is completely normal; it can be tough to leave your worries at the proverbial door and even if you feel fully present, there’s no guarantee your partner will be, too.   


Feeling anxious about sex can become a vicious cycle.  Anxiety can lead to lower libido and concern over fulfilling our partner’s desires; making us more anxious and less horny.  And then we feel stressed about the whole thing - sex and stress are not good partners!


Fortunately, much of the western world is waking up to the importance of a healthy sex life for our general wellbeing.  Start-ups like Awkward Essentials are providing solutions to intimate issues (see the Dripstick®) and outfitters like The Healthy Pleasure Group are bringing companies together to help tackle the SexTech/FemTech Investment Crisis.  And products that have been on the market for some time are being rebranded for the way they benefit our sex lives.


Foria Wellness sells CBD oil specifically designed to ramp up your sex life.  Their Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD is a bestseller and they also sell intimacy suppositories, lube and much more.

Female-led company Glissant Love “create clean, natural lubricants for vaginal pain and dryness” because an unsatisfactory sex life can be because of physical, as well as mental, barriers.


Not keen on putting CBD oil on your clit or up your bum?  No problem.  There are other ways CBD can enhance your sex life.  Simply taking a few drops of CBD oil a few times a day can revolutionise your sex life.




Evidence has shown that CBD can reduce the effects of anxiety and chronic stress through its interaction with the Endocannabinoid System.  When we suffer from chronic stress, the levels of our brain’s neurotransmitters (such as serotonin, dopamine and endocannabinoids) fluctuate, as do the receptors of these neurotransmitters.  CBD binds specifically to 5-HT1A (a serotonin receptor), therefore mimicking serotonin and its mood-boosting effects.  Scientists believe this mimicking is the likely reason for CBD’s anti-anxiety qualities.  And less anxiety can mean better sex.


While it would be unrealistic to claim that there’s a one-stop cure for a sex life riddled with anxiety, adding CBD to your diet can help fire up your libido.  It’s important to remember, however, that there’s nothing wrong with feeling distracted from time to time; sex is part of life and life can be stressful.  


Whether you choose to use CBD to enhance your sex life is completely up to you.  If you do decide to talk with friends or a professional about improving your sex life try and also speak with your partner(s) as you may find a solution together.  And who knows?!  Maybe you’ll both take CBD oil and they’ll be fireworks in your bedroom.

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