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Behind The Brand: The Artist

Behind The Brand: The Artist

By Holly Pigache


With the launch of Trippy Panther, we’re taking a closer look at the artist behind the logo. 


When Trippy Panther’s Founder, Danijela Colic was looking for a brand consultant and authentic artist she knew it had to be Lindsay Williams.  Since 2018, Lindsay has been tattooing Danijela, “it was through wearing his art on my body that I became convinced [he] was the right artist for the new brand”.  She adds: “he saw the vision a lot earlier than most – the vision of what the world needs to be.”  Instantly on the same page, creative brainstorming began in May 2020 and the duo’s passion for animals, and their vegan lifestyles, influenced the branding from the start.  “Animals are such a strong image for a brand,” says Danijela, as Lindsay takes out the hand-drawn logo on cartridge paper.  The image has always been close to Lindsay’s heart and it was five years ago when he first drew a Trippy Panther as a tattoo design.  "I just drew it.  For some people, it makes them go funny.  It makes you look twice."  With Danijela, the image evolved.  Her love for Lindsay’s use of bright, bold colours, particularly fluorescent yellow with black, makes it stand out from the usual CBD and hemp brands.  And then there’s the tongue.  The playful tongue, uncurling from the hemp-green depths of the panther’s mouth provocatively tempts us in.


But when everything is digitised and so easy to edit online, why draw it by hand?  "There are always going to be people who appreciate stuff done by hand.  It's the little imperfections and the human element" that gives hand-drawn illustrations, and this Trippy Panther, the authenticity.  "The autocorrections of lines [with digital-drawing tools] give a false representation of the image - it's bullsh*t,” says Lindsay. 


Lindsay is not new to the world of brand consultancy: “[Branding] has come full-circle; organic drawings moved to digital production and now we’re going back to organic – it’s quite cool.”  A company that roots itself in ethical sourcing and sustainability, Trippy Panther’s logo represents this and respects this mission.  “Lindsay is very rooted and he knows where everything he eats comes from.  When researching, he’ll always dig out the source; he’s a Fighter of the Truth.”  Echoing Dani’s vision, Lindsay has faith in the aims of Trippy Panther, “the whole hemp approach is gold,” he states.  


For 13 years, Lindsay has been tattooing skin to help people forge their own brand identity and before this, he completed a two-year apprenticeship in one of the oldest tattoo museums in Europe, in El Templo Tattoos in Spain.  Under the direction of Loco Lucas and Linda, and amidst turn-of-the-century tattoo equipment, Lindsay developed his iconic style, rooted in tradition and hallucinogenic culture.  When creating tattoos and artwork, Lindsay explains that he sees a pattern or an image in his head and tries to "hold onto it as much as possible and for as long as possible."  And his love for animals. Animals appear time and time again in Lindsay's art.   


It’s Lindsay’s “knowledge, understanding and power of art, through his tattooing” that instilled Danijela with confidence that he would be the perfect artist and business acquaintance to “make impactful things happen”.  


However, don’t be fooled by this Trippy Panther; Danijela and Lindsay’s vision for this company is crystal clear and promises “to help make the world a better place”.


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13 January 2021
Fantastic artist and most importantly a fantastic human being. Much love for everything Trippy is doing !